Naruto Shippuden English Dub Episode 473 through 486 Release Date

Hello, friend. Most recent Dubbed Naruto Shippuden episodes were published in our website in the middle of December. We still do not know the exact day when next pile of Naruto dubbed episodes will be released but could tell you an approximate day. The foggy information is better than nothing:) Usually, we publish every new bunch of episodes four times a year – every three months. Before most recent publishing (in December) we gave you some episodes to watch in at the beginning of September (445|459). Before that, we published some episodes in May – 14 of them at once… If we will be lucky and nothing will distract dubbing process we will watch Naruto Dubbed Episodes 473/486 in the middle of March. In a worst-case scenario, we will publish them at the beginning of April.

The team of this web project very appreciate your company. Please, stay with us a little longer and we will watch the final dubbed Shippuden Naruto episodes until the end of summer 2019. Please, check regularly our “Schedule” menu section. The thing is, that we could publish new Naruto Shippuden English Dub Episode 473/486 even sooner than we predicted. Also, please check our facebook page for any news. We will much appreciate if you like our page too. This way you will never miss valued information about Naruto/Boruto universe. And do not forget one important thing: if you could not wait for several months to watch 473 dubbed Shippuden episode, etc – you can watch the subbed version.